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Cheryl is a contributor to the Writer2Writer ezine.  Her articles help writers increase productivity through time mangement and organization.  You can find these articles at their new time management subsite.

Bust through Holiday Stress and Keep Writing - December 2006
Get it together:  Tips to Get Organized and Write More - February 2007
Procrastination:  Kill it Now! - April 2007
Seven Ways Writers Can Reduce Stress -  July 2007
Back to School and Your Writing Schedule -  August 2007
Distractions:  Don't Let Them Steal Your Writing Time - October 2007
If You Over Commit, You Won't Submit:  Learning to Say "No" - December 2007
Falling in Love with SMART Goals:  A Sure Way to Increase Productivity - February 2008
Spring into an Organized and Clutter Free Home Office (Part 1) - March 2008
Spring into an Organized and Clutter Free Home Office (Part 2) - April 2008
Spring into an Organized and Clutter Free Home Office (Part 3) - June 2008
Getting it Done:  Setting Priorities - August 2008
Take Back Your Time:  Time Saving Tips for Writers - September 2008
Banish Stress with Three Easy Solutions - October 2008
Harness the Power of NaNoWriMo:  How Timed Writing Sessions Can Make You More Productive - November 2008
Have Your Cake and Eat It Too:  How to Stay Productive during the Holiday Season - December 2008
Stick to It:  Tips to Help You Stick to Your Writing Goals - January 2009
Multi-tasking - Tips and Tricks to Make it Work! - February 2009
Are You A Busy Bee? - Turning Busy Time into Productive Time  - March 2009
Summer's Here, Now What? - How to Work When the Kids Are Home Too - June 2009
End the Cycle - Stop Self-doubt from Stealing Your Time - August 2009
Tackling the Big Gorilla - How to Add a Large Project to Your Schedule and Still Be Stress-free around the Holidays - October 2009
Your Writing Year in Review - Find the Positives - December 2009
Seasonal Articles: Plan Ahead and Earn Extra Writing Income - February 2010
How to Deal with Incomplete Projects - April 2010
Learning to Expect the Unexpected - August 2010

Musing Our Children is a group of writers, illustrators, and storytellers seeking to encourage a love of reading and writing in young people.  Cheryl is a founded member of the group and took over as Editor in Chief of the group's quarterly newsletter Pages & Pens in 2009. 
Look for Cheryl's work in Pages and Pens, the official Musing Our Children Newsletter.*
Interview with Mayra Calvani - May/June 2008 issue
Keep Your Kids Reading through the Summer - May/June 2008 issue
Help Your Family Make the Holidays Meaningful - Holiday 2008 issue
Fall 2009 Issue - Editor in Chief
Winter 2009 Issue - Editor in Chief
Spring 2010 Issue - Editor in Chief
Summer 2010 Issue - Editor in Chief
Fall 2010 Issue - Editor in Chief
 * This newsletter ceased production in 2010.


Under the Liberty Oak by Paige Cummings

Shift: Change Your Words, Change Your World by Janet Smith Warfield

Loss of Innocence: A Novel of the French Revolution by Anne Newton Walther

Balance Your Writing Career and Your Family - November 2005
Bust through Holiday Stress and Keep Writing - December 2005
Get it together:  Tips to Get Organized and Write More - January 2006
Five Quick and Easy Recipes to Fit Your Writing Schedule - February 2006
What Every Writer Needs to Know about Ergonomics - March 2006
Give Isolation the Boot:  Tips for Staying Connected While You Work from Home - April 2006

Life is an adventure.  Live it, breathe it, love it.

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